Project Management

We provide project management services for system implementations, upgrades and business process changes. We manage the tendering process helping you to make the right decision as to which system will best fit the needs of your business, then manage all steps of the implementation right through to post implementation support. Selecting a system is a big investment and if the right decision is not made it could impact with your business for years to come.

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Systems Training

Train With Us

With in-depth knowledge of systems relating to the hotel, cruise, spa and golf sectors of the industry we can tailor make your courses to include your business processes and standard operating procedures.    Since any system is only as good as the people using it, we will train your team in order to get maximum benefits which will not only make your team feel valued but will ensure that you are getting the data and reports you require to grow your business.

Business Process & Guest Journey Mapping

Implementing a new system is not only a great opportunity to look at your business processes and guest journeys but is an important step in the successful delivery.    If you are a chain of hotels, cruise ships, golf clubs or spas then getting the processes in place before the training is imperative otherwise each location will seek to adapt and modify  the system to meet their preferences which will undermine the integrity of the overall system.   We will not only map your processes and guest journeys providing professional documentation but will ensure that your agreed business processes are implemented and will feed back any ideas for change so if agreed they can be applied in a unified manner.

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System Functionality Audits & Analysis

System Functionality Audits

No matter what type of system you are using we will carry out a full audit, will make recommendations and train the team to make maximum use of the system functionality.    Typically, over time, following  implementation, individuals are likely to focus on the operational  aspects of the system and will forget the important key steps which may not be directly related to their own job.  For example if they forget to track turn away business in the system using the pre-defined reasons then the management reports will understate how much business you are really turning away due to being fully booked or due to rate resistance.

Professional Documentation

We are able to provide professional documentation to suit your needs.  This can include business processes and guest journey’s with each step clearly mapped out, along with system steps, KPI’s and links to supporting documentation such as SOP’s and policies.   We can write your departmental Standard Operating Procedures and your company policies such as Cash Handling and PCI DSS.    With over 14 years of experience writing systems guides for software houses we can tailor make your guides to include your standards and processes.

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PCI DSS Business Consulting & Training


PCI DSS is a serious business with fines being given out to companies that are found to have been in breach of the standards.   Any company that handles credit cards has a responsibility to comply with the PCI DSS standards.   We offer business consulting to see where you currently are at and will manage the process to get you to where you need to be on the business side along with training your  teams to become compliant.   We also work with external PCI DSS auditors and IT consultants to help you to become compliant  on the IT side.